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What is the difference between Embossing and 3D Embossing?

Time:2019-08-22 Views:42

3D Embossing is a specialty type of embossing. Standard embossing offers one level of impression; with 3D Embossing the indent can be sculpted and gradated, with different levels and shapes.



Standard/regular embossing. One level of impression.


3D Embossing

Sculpted impression


3D Embossing has a higher cost than standard Embossing, as it one of our most specialized print services and most expensive options.


Please note our 3D Emboss technique does not allow for a 2-ply card in combination with this process. There cannot be any design or print on the back side of a 3D Embossed card, and you cannot hide the impression visible on the back side of the card.

2-ply options are available for regular Embossing only. You can also print on the back side of a 1-ply order that includes a regular Emboss.

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